Degree Programs

Master of Arts in Japanese Language
(Program Code 197)

Duration: Two Years (Four Semesters)

Minimum qualification:
1. Graduation in any field and N-2 or Old Level L-2 or NATT Q2 and above.
2. Bachelors of Arts in Japanese language from TMV.
3. Passing an Entrance exam is compulsory (Entrance exam is conducted after results of Final exam of Third Year B.A. students)

Lectures will be conducted 4 times a week

Timings: 7.45 am to 12.00 pm

Examination Pattern:

Choice Based Credit System has been adopted as per Vidyapeeth Rules. 60:40 Pattern i.e. External (theory) 60 marks and Internal 40 marks. Internal includes Tutorials, Assignments, Presentation and Viva-voce

Evaluation Scheme

Assessment Criteria
External Internal Total
60 40 100

Rules of Passing:

College has started Choice Based Credit System and adopted 60:40 patterns. Choice Based Credit System pattern includes External Evaluation of 60 marks and Internal Evaluation of 40 marks and student should secure minimum 50% marks individually for External and Internal Evaluation, i.e. 30 marks for External and 20 marks for Internal respectively.

Fee structure:

For fee structure 2021-22 click here to view the course fee structure. On mobile, press on the link and open link in new tab.

Department of Japanese
Fees for Academic year 2022-23
M.A. Japanese (Regular) (Course Code : 122)
Year Eligibility Admission Examination Tuition Laboratory / Practical Library Total
First 1000 2000 3000 56000 3000 1000 66000
Second 2000 3000 61000 3000 1000 70000

Program contents

"MA in Japanese Language" is an advanced study of a wide diaspora of topics such as

This program aims at learning Japanese communication at basic level.

1.Basic Linguistics and Japanese linguistics (Topics include IPA, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics etc.)

2.Research Methodology basics, a project or dissertation which basically trains the students in writing in structural and logical manner

3.Teaching methodology with topics such as historiography and SLA, course design, evaluation, mock teaching classes

4.Japanese current affairs

5.Japanese History, Social Geography

6.Japanese Literature

7.Translation and Interpretation

8.Business Japanese

9.Choice based electives such as Tourism, English and Indology (Semester IV)

First Year M.A.

Course Structure

Course = Subject
Semester I Semester II
Course Code Course Name Credits Course Code Course Name Credits
22 MAJ 11 Research Methodology I 4 22 MAJ 21 Research Methodology II 4
22 MAJ 12 Teaching Methodology I 4 22 MAJ 22 Teaching Methodology II 4
22 MAJ 13 Business Japanese 4 22 MAJ 23 Ancient and Mediaeval History of Japan 4
22 MAJ 14 General Linguistics 4 22 MAJ 24 Japanese Phonology 4
Second Year M.A.

Course Structure

Course = Subject
Semester III Semester IV
Course Code Course Name Credits Course Code Course Name Credits
22 MAJ 31 Research Methodology III 4 22 MAJ 41 Translation 4
22 MAJ 32 Teaching Methodology III 4 22 MAJ 42 Interpretation 4
22 MAJ 33 Ancient and Mediaeval Literature of Japan 4 22 MAJ 43 Japanese Society 4
22 MAJ 34

22 MAJ 35
Hospitality Management 4 22 MAJ 44

22 MAJ 45
Geography of Japan 4
Indology 4 Research Project 4

*For Semester III, Select any 1 from 22 MAJ 34: Hospitality management or 22 MAJ 35: Indology

*For Semester IV, Select any 1 from 22 MAJ 44: Geography of Japan or 22 MAJ 45: Research Project